Friday, March 15, 2013

The Art of Grip Fighting

While the concept and intent to grip fight goes a long way within itself, there is also an art to grip fighting. If you have read my e-mails you know that my # 1 rule is that when you stop grip fighting, you lose. Plain and simple. The moment you stop grip fighting you will lose the immediate situation at hand. In turn this could cost you the whole match.

Grip fighting can be exhausting. While it can be exhausting on your fore arms I don't even mean so much the physical exhaustion. Grip fighting can be mentally exhausting. You have to stay focused to grip fight. Sometimes I will be grappling with people and they start of putting up a good grip fight but eventually they fade and lose focus. Once that happens they lose.

Having specific systems in place in different positions helps you to be a more efficient grip fighter. Here I am going to show you one way I like to grip fight from the top guard.

You can apply grip fighting strategies like this in every position or situation. I once did a special 90 minute workshop just on grip fighting strategies for my students and it made a HUGE difference in the WHOLE feel and level of their game when I would grapple with them afterward.  If you are not currently focused on the intent of grip fighting and grip fighting strategies, you need to start implementing it NOW!