Rodeo Control Seminar Series!

Discover the Inescapable Position!

Are you looking for a position that you can CONTROL, DOMINATE & SUBMIT your opponents with EASE from?

Rodeo Control is the closest thing to what I would call an "Inescapable Position"!

In this Rodeo Control Seminar Series you will learn:

1. Multiple ways to get to the Rodeo Control Position!
2. How to control and dominate your opponents with ease from this position!
3. Answers for all their defenses and escape attempts!
4. How to use your opponents defenses and escapes attempts to submit them!

If you are looking for a CONTROL position that is NEW and FRESH and will PUZZLE your opponents to no end, the Rodeo Control Position is the one!

The techniques that you learn in this 3 part seminar series will change your whole game!

This 3 Part BJJ Rodeo Control Series Footage is from a seminar hosted by the BJJ Ronin! You are sure to learn NEW techniques you have NEVER seen PLUS NEW approaches to techniques you have known for a long time! 

Watch Instantly! After you purchase the video you will be given instructions to view these videos instantly on-line!